Give Your Customers an A.I. Banking Assistant

Teller allows banks to communicate with customers automatically in their favorite messaging apps. Instead of picking up the phone, customers can send a message and learn how to open a new account, check their account balance, or receive personalized advice. 


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Chat With Your Bank

No App, Download, Or SETUP Required

Messaging apps today account for 91% of all time spent on mobile and desktops by US users according to ComScore. People have always been able to message their friends, but with the help of Teller, they can message their bank also. Teller provides a convenient and quick option for banks customers to communicate with their bank without any additional app or download. 


No More Waiting on Hold


Getting answers to your personal finance questions should be as easy as asking Siri. That’s why we have built an automated messaging bot, or ‘chatbot’, that can answer hundreds of your financial questions. You can ask everything from “What is my account balance?” to “How much should I be saving for retirement each month?” All Teller answers are simple, clear, and in plain english.

Our Unique Approach

Teller has built a unique “customer journey” approach to the chatbot and banking-assistant space. In addition to ‘reactive' messaging, we identify the perfect time in a customer relationship to proactively send messages to customers like reminders, tips, and sometimes just a few, fun celebration emojis  🎉🎉🎉  for hitting a goal. 

Stage 1: Opening an ACcount

Focus on building good habits through gentle coaching and quick customer support

Stage 2: Optimizing your account

Focus on automating finances using features like direct deposit, automatic payments, and savings goals

Stage 3: Additional Banking Services

Focus on growing wealth and using additional banking products like savings and brokerage accounts

Deploy On Your Favorite Messaging Platforms