Our Technology

We have been developing our core messaging technology for almost two years. Teller can handle thousands of messages, is available in multiple languages, and has been trained using real customers. 


Messaging Platforms

Engage your customers where they already are. Teller is available on most messaging platforms around the world, including SMS, FB Messenger, Web, and WhatsApp. 



We realize you probably have an existing mobile application. We can help you build secure messaging into your existing app. Contact us to get a demo of our reference app in the Google Play store. 



If you prefer to use our bank of 1000+ finance questions, you can also build your own conversation interface. We can provide the proper endpoints and help you design your project. 


Work With Us!

Teller was built to provide messaging solutions to financial institutions like banks, microfinance institutions, and global development organizations. Please download our one-pager below for a quick overview of Teller and how we can help your business. 



TEller For Banks

Teller was built with banks in mind. Banks are able to leverage Teller to not only provide a smart customer service assistant, but also provide simple product education and on-boarding. For example, a prospective customer could look up the requirements for a new account, start the sign-up process, and learn how to set-up their new account all through a chat interface. 

  • Provide 24/7, Automated Customer Service
  • Improve Product Adoption
  • Drive Usage of your Mobile App


Teller For Microfinance Organizations

Teller is well-suited towards working with microfinance institutions based on the target demographics and wide-spread mobile adoption. Teller can enable a microfinance institution to provide a scalable finance coach that will send periodic reminders, tips, and surveys. Research shows that even simple reminders and tips can impact repayment rates for customers. 

  • Provide Periodic Reminders, Tips, and Updates
  • Measure and Collect Data via SMS surveys
  • Provide 24/7 Customer Service


Teller For Development Organizations

Teller’s mission has always been simplifying financial products and services for underserved markets. Research shows that many poor people are intimidated by the idea of visiting a formal financial institution. Teller is funded by the Gates Foundation to deliver on a mission of building financial inclusion by providing a lightweight coach that anyone can text with basic questions. 

  • Truly Scalable Financial Coaching
  • Send Outbound Tips (i.e. weather alerts, agriculture updates, etc.)
  • Collect Qualitative, Natural-Language Data through Messaging


We would love to work with you on your messaging project, even if its just an idea. Get in touch: