Our Projects



Client: Orange Money
Channel: SMS & FB Messenger
Language: French

(In-development) MoMo is our largest project to date and currently serves the African market. To develop MoMo, we built the SMS infrastructure from scratch to power 2-way messaging. We also worked very closely with Orange’s marketing department to craft a friendly personality for the local market. 



Client: Direct Federal Credit Union
Channels: SMS & FB Messenger
Language: English

(In-development) DFCU is one of the fastest growing credit unions in the country and is focused on building strong digital channels. We are building a chatbot that helps customers answer basic customer service questions. This bot has a great sense of humor (and even cheers for local Boston sports). 



Client: HP Enterprise
Channel: Internal Webchat
Lang: English, Spanish, Portuguese

Clara is an internal-facing customer service bot for HP’s enterprise sales teams. Enterprise customers can check the status of their orders or quickly reach an account manager. Clara is especially helpful for providing 24 hour help, especially when the account management team is out of the office. 



Client: Happy Tax
Channel: FB Messenger
Language: English

Although the Happy Tax Bot can answer numerous tax questions, the primary purpose of this bot is not automation, but rather lead generation. Whenever someone asks a complex tax question that isn’t in our database, Happy Tax’s talented customer support team instantly jumps into the conversation.



Client: Independent Project
Channels: FB Messenger
Language: English

Coach Bill is a simple chatbot on Facebook Messenger that guides users through a 15-20 minute personal finance course. The topics include saving, budgeting, and building credit. It is meant to be a demo application while also showcasing the original content that we have developed to simplify personal finance topics.