Teller + Orange Money

Teller is excited to announce that it is partnering with Orange Money to run a pilot for its mobile money users, starting in January 2018. Orange Money has always been one of the most innovative and customer-focused mobile money providers in Africa. This partnership continues that trend by giving its customers another convenient option to communicate with the company. 



Meet MoMo!

The Orange Money Personal Assistant

Watch out Siri and Alexa – there is a new smart assistant in town! MoMo is the name of the friendly personality that we have crafted to chat with Orange Money customers. MoMo is friendly, fast, and always ready to help you answer questions. Now, when customers have a question about their mobile money account, they can chat with "MoMo" the same way they would chat with a friend or family member. 


What Can Users Ask? 

New and existing Orange Money customers can send a text message to the new short-code (120) and receive instant answers to hundreds of questions. Here are just a few examples:


  • What is Orange Money?

  • How do I open an account? What do I need?

  • How do I reload my account?

  • What are the benefits?

  • What are your current promotions?


  • Which bank accounts does OM support?

  • Which merchants support Orange Money?

  • Can I use Orange Money to pay online?

Customer Service:

  • I need to talk to customer service

  • How do I check my balance?

  • How do I reset my PIN?

  • Why do I see a double transaction on my account?


  • What are the fees for transferring X ariary?

  • How much does it cost to withdraw X ariary?

  • What is the fee for depositing money?

  • What is the minimum/max account balance?

  • Can I transfer money to other operators?


  • What bills can I pay with Orange Money?

  • How do I pay for parking using OM?

  • Can I pay for school fees?

  • Can I transfer money across borders?

Just For Fun:

  • MoMo, are you a robot?

  • Can you tell me a riddle?

  • MoMo, I love you.

Download the case study

Frequently Asked Questions

What channels is MoMo on?

Customers can start talking with MoMo by sending a message to our designated shortcode, 120, sending a message on WhatsApp, or by sending a message to the Orange Money Madagascar Facebook page. 

What Markets is MoMo in now?

Right now, MoMo is available in Madagascar.

How does Momo work?

MoMo is powered by a sophisticated A.I. engine that understands customer messages and is able to look up a response from a vast knowledge-base. We have trained MoMo with thousands of sample questions and MoMo gets smarter with every conversation. 

Who can I contact for more information or support?

You can send an email to with any questions you have, or use our contact form.