We built Teller because basic personal finance advice should be available to anyone. To accomplish that goal, we spent months researching and putting together personal finance information from reliable sources such as the FDIC.


By partnering with Teller, you can give your customers access to our personal finance advice and our innovative personal finance “mini-courses”. These mini-courses are interactive, mobile-first, and take less than ten minutes to finish. 

Personal Finance Modules

Teller has several personal finance modules built right in! In addition to specific bank questions, customers can get information on the following topics: 

Saving and Budgeting

We will walk you through the basics of saving and building your own budget. You will use our included ‘Teller Budget Builder’ template to easily organize and track your spending.

Banking for Beginners

A bank account is a powerful thing. We will help you make the most of it by teaching you everything you need to know like using direct deposit, automated payments, and your debit card.

Improving Credit Scores

Credit can be one of the most challenging topics in personal finance. We slowly walk you through the basics of how the credit system works and how you can use it to your advantage.

Investing and Retirement

Our final module is on building long-term wealth for the future. Together, we will build a personal retirement plan and also show you how to make smart investment decisions.


Here are a few examples of the educational content we have developed to teach basic personal finance topics.