Introducing: The Finance 150 Project!


After months of research, curation, and translation, we are excited to announce the launch of The Finance 150 Project. At its core, this project is aimed at providing simple and colloquial definitions of core financial terms. We have provided definitions in eight languages, and we hope to add several more after launch. More information on the background and purpose are on the project page. 

We know that providing definitions isn't a silver bullet to solve financial inclusion. But we strongly believe that explaining products in simple, transparent language is a prerequisite for any financial institution hoping to attract a new, potentially underserved market. If you work for a financial institution or financial literacy organization, please consider making our content available to your customers. 

The Finance 150 Project is a work in progress, and we hope we can leverage the financial communities help in expanding and improving the content. Please contact us with any feedback, ideas, suggestions, or business inquiries.