Buzzfeed Money Hacks

I don't usually love Buzzfeed 'listicle' articles, but this one caught my attention. I have a lot of thoughts about the author's approach but regardless of any of her tactics, I applaud her for trying to change her habits and spend more consciously. 

Now, a few (completely personal) thoughts on her 'hacks': 

  1. Making your coffee at home and cooking in bulk are great tips! I make coffee at home, and especially love making this cold brew kit. 
  2. I have mixed opinions on using cash instead of credit cards. On one hand, it is much easier to see how much cash you are spending. On the other hand, cash doesn't offer any of the protections or benefits of using credit cards: digital record, purchase protection, cashback, etc. But if this works for you, go for it!
  3. I feel pretty strongly that 'entering contests' isn't good financial advice. 
  4. Instead of 'signing up for loyalty programs', I would broaden this tip to be smart about shopping. Look for coupons, comparison shop, buy store brands, etc. Another great tool is the chrome extension Honey, that automatically tries to find discount codes. 

I still believe that there aren't perfect tips for every person. You really have to do what this author did and see what works for you.